World’s First Compostable Fashion Brand

LA Compost started in 2014 as a solution to the increasing amount of food waste in LA. LA Compost is an organization that wants to make composting more accessible and convenient for people.

The company has been able to achieve this by partnering with businesses, such as KENT, who are willing to make their products compostable.

The world’s first compostable clothing brand, KENT clothing is made from plant-based materials with no plastic at all. They’re also 100% organic, 100% landfill free and environmentally sustainable. Their compostable fabric removes carbon dioxide and helps reverse climate change.

KENT’s line of men’s and women’s briefs, tees, and reusable totes is LA Compost verified and designed to break down in 90 days. This means that these products are designed for the environment and not for wastefulness – which is something that all companies should be striving for today.

The company tackles two major problems in the fashion industry: landfill waste from pants and plastics. They focus on undergarments. 85% of textiles are made of plastic, and 11 million pounds of undergarments end up in landfills or incinerators every year.

“I saw an opportunity to rethink how undergarments are made when I realized all of my underwear were made of synthetic materials,” said Stacy, “That’s when the idea of KENT was born – a line of thoughtfully designed 100% organic, vegan and compostable underwear. I see composting as a natural recycling process. With cities like New York and LA rolling out curbside composting this year, we see composting becoming mainstream in America as a natural solution to landfill waste, for fashion and beyond.”

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