Women-Owned Luxury Winemakers Put Sustainability at the Forefront

The Eco-Magnum™

In an effort to create a line of eco-friendly wines, entrepreneurs Allison Luvera and Lauren De Niro-Pipher launched Juliet — a revolutionary brand of luxury boxed wines. Debuting with a 2021 Sauvignon Blanc and 2021 Grenache Rosé, Juliet originated from a certified California sustainable winery. Developed by female entrepreneurs, Juliet provides an elevated oenophile experience for discerning wine drinkers who prioritize sustainability.

Founders Allison Luvera & Lauren De Niro Pipher

Longtime friends, Luvera and De Niro Pipher share a passion for good food and wine. When the women discovered that glass bottles and transport make up the two largest contributors of wine’s carbon footprint, they set out to reshape the category. 

“We recognized the unmet need for a sustainable wine that didn’t sacrifice on quality, taste, or design. Boxed wine offered an eco-friendly packaging solution but hadn’t yet reached its full potential, so we took the opportunity to innovate the category with an elevated aesthetic and truly superior wine,” commented Lauren De Niro Pipher, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Juliet.

The wine is housed in a first-to-market cylindrical container deemed the “Eco-Magnum,” which holds two standard bottles of wine (1.5L). From winemaking practices to packaging, sustainability is at the core of Juliet’s mission that focuses on mindful consumption.

“When we discovered that boxed wine presents an 84% lower carbon footprint compared to wine in conventional glass bottles, we were inspired to act. Juliet is here to reshape consumers’ perspectives on boxed wine with a luxury product that not only shifts the culture of wine drinking but sets a new standard for sustainability in the industry,” said Allison Luvera, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Juliet.

2021 Grenache Rosé

The wines are hand-made with the goal of bringing out the natural greatness of fruits from the vineyard to the glass. The grapes are sourced from some of Central Coast California’s most renowned AVA vineyards and come with tremendous quality. The winemaking style honors the fruit by using low intervention and zero artificial additives, and the final product contains minimal ingredients which are transparently stated on the label for a paradigm shift in conventional bottles. As a result, customers experience pure expressions of their vineyards, vintage, and the land they stand on.

Juliet will be available for purchase online and at high-end retailers in New York, California, and Florida for $45.99. For both the store locator and e-commerce shop, visit www.drinkjuliet.com.

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