Stella McCartney’s Winter ’19 Campaign Focuses on Climate Crisis

Stella McCartney, in partnership with activist group Extinction Rebellion, recently unveiled her Winter ’19 campaign: Agents of Change.

Model Amber Valletta standing with two alpaca on lush hillside

Amber Valletta for Agents of Change Campaign

Designed to promote the brand’s eco-friendly approach to fashion, as well as a call to action for climate control, the collection features climate activists such as Deya Ward, Ruby Munslow and Tori Tsui alongside models known for being passionate about the environment.

McCartney who is a renowned environmental and social activist has been at the forefront of urging the textile industry and consumers to follow more sustainable fashion practices. At a time where sustainability is becoming increasingly mainstream and resonating more intensely with consumers, the collaboration with Extinction Rebellion is a bold move.

Environmental Activists laying in a circle on lush grounds

Agents of Change Campaign

A vocal opponent of the fashion industry’s impact on the environment, earlier this year Extinction Rebellion urged consumers to stage a year-long boycott on buying new clothes.

“Fashion is a contributor to about 10 percent of carbon emissions; it is one of the biggest polluters, responsible for the release of a huge amount of microfibres and plastics into the ocean, the group explained at the Fashion Foundation at Port Eliot.

“We must curb our consumption very, very rapidly … We already produce enough clothes. We can swap clothes between one another, we can customize clothes, we can upcycle them.”

In her latest campaign, McCartney is “making a stand for the future of our planet like never before.”

Shot against a pristine background of Welsh fields and rock formations by famed photographer Johnny Dufort, the pastel-hued collection is comprised of upcycled fabrics, organic cotton, sustainable viscose, recycled polyester and ECONYL regenerated nylon and biodegradable acetate fused in the eyewear collection.

A video series of “5 ways to save the world” introduce the campaign. Models Amber Valetta, Chloe Pearson and Emma Laird share their take on empowering the planet, with messages like “Make your voice heard,” “Ditch coffee cups” and “Be kind.” A second campaign video short, narrated with a reading by Jane Goodall of a poem by Jonathan Safran Foer, will be released next month.

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