Stegmann: Revolutionizing the Vegan Shoe Game

In a dazzling display of ingenuity, Stegmann has masterfully redefined the vegan footwear landscape. The brand gracefully weaves together fashion, comfort, and ecological sensibilities, unveiling a captivating duo of all-vegan shoe designs and a pair of chic sandals to adorn its Spring 2023 collection.

Stegmann’s USA President, Andy Jacobs, reveals the secret behind the brand’s unwavering commitment to sustainability: “It all starts with the foundation of a cork sole in 95% of our shoe designs. The material is not only great for your feet, but it’s a completely sustainable resource.”

The Layna Wedge Sandal is the brand’s first wedge design. The sandal features a low slope wedge and cozy heel cup, which makes the sandal super stable to stand and walk in.

The pièce de résistance of this season’s collection is the Layna Wedge Sandal, Stegmann’s first foray into the realm of wedge designs. The sandal boasts a low slope wedge and a cozy heel cup, providing unparalleled stability and grace for those who dare to stride in style.

In a nod to the brand’s rich heritage, the cork material for Stegmann’s innovative, ultra-breathable basket weave shoe designs is ethically sourced from Portugal’s lush cork oak forests. These enchanting ecosystems are home to a myriad of flora and fauna and play a crucial role in maintaining the delicate balance of both local and global environments.

The full spring collection, a veritable treasure trove of exquisite footwear, includes:

The material for Stegmann’s newest ultra-breathable basket weave cork shoe designs is sourced from Portugal where it is sustainably grown and harvested from the bark of the cork oak.


  1. ‘Liesl’ Skimmer in Cork Basket Weave – A sophisticated dress shoe crafted from 100% vegan and sustainably sourced cork.
  2. ‘Maria’ Mule in Cork Basket Weave – A sleek mule design featuring the same eco-friendly cork material.
  3. ‘Layna’ Wedge Sandal – Stegmann’s first wedge design with a refined 1.25″ heel.
  4. ‘Mia’ Slide Sandal – A fresh take on comfortable sandals, drawing inspiration from the Maria Mule.

According to Jacobs, “Women want comfort without sacrificing style, and it’s harder to come by than you think. We want to fill that gap and empower women with our growing sandal collection.”

Each shoe in Stegmann’s spring lineup features a cushioned soft suede footbed with arch support and anatomical contouring. The sustainable cork and latex midsoles alleviate the shock commonly associated with unsupportive sandal designs, ensuring a luxurious walking experience.

The Layna Wedge Sandal and Mia Slide Sandal, both available in a range of vegetable-tanned leather colorways, are poised to become the must-have footwear of the season.

With shipping set to commence on March 20th, just in time for Spring Break festivities, Stegmann is expected to take the fashion world by storm. After all, last year’s sandal collection sold out in mere days during its first presale week.

A brand with a storied past, Stegmann has been handcrafting wool-felt comfort footwear in Austria since 1888. Known for its iconic styling, seamless wool upper, and contoured comfort sole, this timeless heritage brand is experiencing a renaissance in the US. Now, with fresh styles and finishes, Stegmann is set to captivate a new generation of discerning fashion enthusiasts. For more information, visit

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