Some of the World’s Most Expensive Mansions, Yachts and Perfumes


When considering the most expensive mansions in the word today, the extravagant 27-story private home of the richest man in India, 60-year-old Mukesh Ambani, certainly makes the list. The home is valued in excess of $1 billion. 

The nearly 400,000-square-foot mansion, named Antilia after a phantom island in the Atlantic Ocean, is located on the exclusive Altamount Road in Mumbai.

Ambani, a business tycoon and multibillionaire who is ranked as the 20th richest person in the world by Business Insider, resides in the home with his wife, three children and 600 servants.

The modern property was designed by Chicago-based architects Perkins & Will, and features a multistory garage with space for 168 cars, ballroom, three helipads, gardens, a temple, guest suites, a health level and home theater that seats 50.

For those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, one of Bel Air’s most storied estates is the priciest home in the U.S., the Chartwell Estate.

Owned by late TV executive and Univision head Jerry Perenchio, the mansion — the front of which was featured in the TV series “The Beverly Hillbillies,” was on the market for an astronomical $350 million. It now, according to Zillow, is to be used as an Airbnb property.


The 560-foot Eclipse is true to its name, as it leaves other boats in the shadows. Owned by Russian billionaire and Chelsea football club owner, Roman Abramovich, its amenities make this yacht worth up to  $1.9 billion.

The $1.9 billion Eclipse is one of the most expensive yachts in the world.

The Eclipse

The Russian oligarch purchased the yacht in 2010 when it still held the title for world’s longest yacht. Eclipse has two helipads, a disco, cinema, hair salon and restaurant; plus it’s rumored to have a laser defense system to ward off paparazzi trying to photograph high-profile guests.

There is also a swimming pool that can be drained and used as a dance floor, an additional swimming pool and an aquarium. The yacht holds two helicopters, three boats and a submarine, and is said to have anti-intruder systems as well as a missile detection system.

However, the exclusive History Supreme, with its $4.8 billion price tag is said to be the most expensive yacht in the world.

This 100-foot project was commissioned for Stuart Hughes of Liverpool, England, from an anonymous leading Malaysian businessman and took three years to complete.

The master bedroom of the History Supreme is adorned with precious metals, walls made of meteorite and a real Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur bone.

Master bedroom of the History Supreme

It consists of 220,462 pounds of solid gold and platinum with all features being made from precious metals. The extravagant master bedroom is adorned in platinum with a wall feature that is made from meteoric stone and a genuine Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur bone.


Clive Christian’s No. 1 Imperial Majesty is the epitome of the phrase “having a nose for money.” Costing $215,000 for 16.9 ounces, famed perfumer Roja Dove created this scent.

The perfume, which takes six months to perfect, is composed of Tahitian vanilla, ylang ylang, rose oil, orris root, rose centafolis, jasmine and Italian cinnamon.

The perfume’s bottle is made of a material so difficult to work with that one of every three attempts to mold them breaks during the production process.

A bottle of Clive Christian No. 1 Imperial Majesty

Clive Christian No. 1 Imperial Majesty

The neck of the bottle is fashioned after the coronation tiara of the British queen and is made of 18-karat gold inset with a five-carat brilliant-cut diamond. This collar is later engraved with the owner’s name.

The one-of-a-kind bottle is then gently placed into a velvet-lined ebony case with gold and platinum details. It is so exclusive that it is collected only by private connoisseurs, and remains on display at prestigious places like Harrods London and Bergdorf Goodman.

The record-breaking most expensive perfume, DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle was jointly created by renowned designer DKNY in collaboration with noted jewelry designer Martin Katz.

The perfume was developed for the purpose of donating its sale proceeds to the Action Against Hunger charity campaign.

The DKNY Million Dollar Golden Delicious Fragrance Bottle

DKNY Million Dollar Golden Delicious Fragrance Bottle

The main reason for its exorbitant price is the one-of-a-kind bottle that contains a 2.43-carat yellow Canary diamond in the cap, 4.03-carat rose-cut diamond, 3.07-carat oval-cut ruby, 1.06-carat Paraiba tourmaline from Brazil.

It also features four rose-cut diamonds, 15 stunning pink diamonds from Australia, 7.18-carat oval Cabochon sapphire from Sri Lanka, 2,700 white diamonds and 183 yellow sapphires.

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