Patron for a Cause: Michelle DiTondo & Denise Berninger For Promoting Youth Hockey

Thanks to the Vegas Golden Knights, youth hockey has become wildly popular in the nontraditional desert city of Las Vegas. But it is also a very expensive sport.

That is why Michelle DiTondo and Denise Berninger volunteer countless hours organizing fundraisers, often in partnership with the Vegas Golden Knights Foundation, to provide scholarships that help pay for equipment and time on the ice for members of the Vegas Junior Golden Knights hockey organization.

Michelle DiTondo and Denise Berninger

It is especially expensive for children who qualify to be part of the Vegas Junior Golden Knights Travel Team, who can compete four to six times a season in out-of-state games or tournaments.

Fortunately, kids can begin hockey in a program called “Learn to Play” sponsored by the NHL. Players who graduate from this program receive a free set of hockey equipment.

DiTondo and Berninger said youth hockey provides a fun and safe environment where children learn important life lessons such as teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, self-esteem and respect. They can also develop lifelong friendships.

On February 23rd, the Vegas Junior Golden Knights will host their second annual Wine on Ice fundraiser at City National Arena. The event is supported by the Vegas Golden Knights, and it will include a wine tasting, raffle and silent auction.

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