Patron For a Cause – Dr. Trudy Larson with the Nevada Donor Network

On the governing board for Nevada Donor Network, Dr. Trudy Larson has been an infectious disease specialist for more than three decades. Her work with the Organ and Tissue Donor Program at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine provides a statewide perspective of donation.

“A recent medical breakthrough allows people with Hepatitis C who die from a drug overdose to be donors, which reduces the waiting list,” Larson says. “After receiving an organ from someone with Hepatitis C and taking medication for 12 weeks, recipients are cured and have a functioning kidney, liver or heart,” Larson says.

Tissue donations (eyes, tendons, bone and skin) are used in orthopedic surgery, heart-valve replacements and skin transplants for burn victims.

“Donation is noble,” Larson said. “Every board meeting at the Nevada Donor Network starts with a donor family or recipient sharing their story of how loss turned into hope, which reminds us of our mission.”

“Joe Ferreira, president and CEO of the Nevada Donor Network, has elevated the bar by investing in more training and diversifying services, resulting in a culture of excellence,” Larson says. “The organization is a world leader in the number of lives saved per capita served.”

“Our goal is to increase the number and type of transplants by increasing donation and the specialized doctors and staff needed for transplantation,” Larson said. “The public’s support is vital and appreciated.” 

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