Discover Milford’s Conservation Legacy with Hotel Fauchere’s Forest Field Trip Experience

Hotel Fauchere, a charming and historic boutique hotel located in Milford, PA, is inviting guests to embark on a unique Forest Field Trip experience in honor of World Forestry Day and Earth Day. Starting on March 24, visitors can immerse themselves in the great outdoors while learning about Milford’s pivotal role in the history of conservation.

During this exclusive weekend getaway, guests will have the opportunity to explore the area’s breathtaking forests with a knowledgeable local guide who will lead them on a refreshing forest bathing excursion. They will also tour Grey Towers, the former home of Gifford Pinchot, widely regarded as the “father of conservation” in America, and learn about his groundbreaking work promoting sustainable forestry practices alongside President Teddy Roosevelt.

In addition to these enriching activities, guests will be treated to an exquisite dinner at Bar Louis, the hotel’s newly redesigned restaurant featuring a delectable menu crafted by chef Bobby Varua.

Milford’s legacy as the birthplace of conservation dates back over a century when Pinchot and Roosevelt joined forces to champion sustainable forestry practices and the responsible use of natural resources. Today, their spirit lives on in Milford and beyond as communities continue to celebrate and promote conservation and sustainability.

For those seeking a meaningful and unforgettable way to honor World Forestry Day and Earth Day, Hotel Fauchere’s Forest Field Trip is an experience not to be missed. To book your spot, visit the Hotel Fauchere website at

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