Danish Watchmaker Offers Minimal Design With Philanthropic Platform

Great product design is achievable without attaching an elevated price point. That is the philosophy behind the creation of Copenhagen-based watchmaker Nordgreen, which has already impacted the industry since launching in 2017 as a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Designer Jakob Wagner. Photo courtesy of Nordgreen.

Founders  Pascar Sivam and Vasilij Brandt  commissioned award-winning designer Jacob Wagner to create three initial lines for the company, all with a functional minimalism characteristic of the Nordic design tradition.

The company name is a composite encompassing this regional tradition and it’s own stated commitment to sustainability, embodied by recycled packaging and partnering with manufacturers who employ environmentally conscious processes.

The Native line features a slim rounded frame. The Philosopher includes a two-hand dial and notches rather than numbers on it’s face. It is the only design of the three that includes a date box and a second hand, which is slightly asymmetrical.   

The Philosopher watch line. Photo courtesy of Nordgreen.

The Infinity line’s most distinctive feature is an appealing concise face ringed by notches for a pared down elegance.

The Native watch line. Photo courtesy of Nordgreen.

All three watch styles for men and women are available with diameters of 36 mm and 40 mm, and frames of rose gold or silver, plus gunmetal for the Philosopher.

Interchangeable straps of leather, nylon and mesh allow wearers to easily adapt the watches for a variety of occasions and wardrobe selections.

Built into the business model is a pledge to donate a portion of each sale proceeds to a charity of the buyer’s selection.

“Motivated by our Danish values, when we founded Nordgreen, we knew we had to do our part to help to change this in whatever way we could,” said Sivam and Brandt, via a company press release. “There was no excuse not to give back.”

Purchasers are directed to the Nordgreen website to click a donation box, where they enter their timepiece’s unique serial number and identification code to chose from a selection three charities representing the categories of conservation, education and health.

Nordgreen uses recycled packaging and partners with manufacturers who employ environmentally conscious processes. Photo courtesy of Nordgreen.

Water for Good is a religious-based NGO headquartered in Winona Lake, Indiana that works to provide safe, clean water for consumption in the Central African Republic.

A Nordgreen donation from one watch purchase has the equivalent effect of providing clean water to one individual for two months, according to the company.

Cool Earth is a nonprofit organization based in Falmouth, England dedicated to preserving read forests and Central and South America by helping to improve the lives of the people who live in these regions.

London-based Pratham UK promotes education and vocational training  for young people in India. The Pratham Open School program allows girls and women between ages 16 and 25 to complete their secondary education. More than two thirds of children in India end formal education before their 10th birthday.

Young woman in India

The Pratham Open School program allows girls and women between ages 16 and 25 to complete their secondary education. Courtesy of Nordgreen

According to Nordgreen, a watch purchase donation can fund a month of education for a single student. Currently, the watches are sold exclusively online at nordgreen.com.

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