A Gastronomic Journey Through Italy’s Cultural Capitals – Bergamo and Brescia

Italy is renowned for its gastronomic delights. The inextricable tie between its culture and cuisine is globally celebrated. But this year, the spotlight is on two cities, Bergamo and Brescia, as they wear the coveted mantle of Italy’s Capitals of Culture 2023. Rich in tradition, these cities are taking their epicurean excellence to another level, offering a grand showcase of their gastronomic treasures in an array of cultural events, throughout the year.

Among these food and wine-laden events is the popular Festival Franciacorta in Cantina. Slated for September 16th-17th, this event promises a captivating journey through 65 wineries. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to indulge in tastings, discover Franciacorta DOCG’s production sites and enjoy exclusive events, illuminating the fine art of winemaking.

The Festa del Moscato di Scanzo from 7th-10th September is an unmissable event for wine connoisseurs. The festival shines a light on the prized Moscato di Scanzo, Bergamo’s crowning glory in winemaking. It provides an exquisite chance to interact with local producers, visit enchanting wineries in Rosciate and the historic centre of Scanzo, all complemented by a medley of musical performances.

For those with a taste for adventure and a love for slow, sustainable tourism, the Colli dei Longobardi Strada del Vino e dei Sapori offers a delightful blend of gastronomy and fitness. This cycling tour throughout September explores Brescia’s local flavours in the most enjoyable and eco-friendly manner.

Bergamo, recognized as a UNESCO Creative City for Gastronomy, brings forth its flagship dairy exhibition, Forme Cult. This event highlights the region’s exceptional DOP cheeses from Bergamo’s Cheese Valley, hailed as the European leader in dairy products. Complementing this cheese extravaganza is the Franciacorta in Bianco dairy festival in Brescia’s Castegnato, marrying exquisite cheese with top-notch wines.

Sweetening the array of offerings is the unveiling of Battito, a dessert created exclusively for this event by the Pasticceri Consortia of Bergamo and Brescia. Visitors will have the pleasure of witnessing its official presentation and savouring this sweet innovation in both city centres.

With their gastronomic heritage being their most expressive language, Bergamo and Brescia are the epitomes of culinary tradition. Their commitment to sustainable, biodiverse food practices is championed by the East Lombardy initiative, uniting producers and restaurateurs. This project aligns seamlessly with their tenure as the Capital of Culture 2023, inviting everyone to discover the hidden treasures of Bergamo and Brescia.

Bergamo and Brescia’s rich culinary narrative is not just about food and wine, but the spirit of Italian culture. Every bite tells a story, every sip sings a song, and these cities invite you to be part of this unforgettable symphony. This gastronomic extravaganza is more than just a cultural event – it’s an opportunity to experience, learn, and savour the quintessential Italian life in its most authentic form.

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